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1. November 2010

Leserfrage zum Locher

Diese Frage von Chloe erreichte mich per Mail:
"This question is for Jotje 1969 (I found you from Philofaxy). I saw the hole punch you bought for your filofaxes on Flickr and was wondering if it is suitable for punching holes in an A5 filofax?
I am interested in buying one of these punched but need to know if it does A5."
Ich bin sicher, dass Chloe sich auch über Antworten anderer Leser freut! Ich selbst habe ja leider keine Erfahrung mit dem Locher.

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  1. Philofaxy has the answer!


  2. Thanks Steve, for your quick reply. Chloe, like the article featured on Philofaxy already says, this punch is suitable for Pocket, Personal and A5-Filofaxes. I still very happy with it!

  3. You could order it in the mentioned Dutch online shop and have it shipped to the UK.