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10. April 2011

Malden A5: Eine Nachricht von Steve

Gerade erreicht mich diese Mail von Steve (Philofaxy):
Hi Iris
A warning to any of your readers considering the Malden A5 now on the FF DE website. They have got the size of the rings in the catalogue and on the website wrong. It says 6 x 30mm ie the same as the Finsbury. I measured mine yesterday and they are only 25 mm. I've complained to Filofax UK about this but I suspect all they will do is correct the website.

Pity really this could have been the ultimate A5... still love my grey one though.


Falls Ihr also speziell auf der Suche nach einem Filo in A5 mit 30 mm Ringmechanik seid, kommen folgende Modelle in Frage (vorausgesetzt, die Angaben sind korrekt):

  • Domino
  • Metropol
  • Sketch
  • Finsbury
sowie der neue
  • Holborn
Danke an Steve für diese "Warnung"!


  1. Filofax UK this morning admitted that they had made a mistake in the catalogue and on both websites which will be corrected some time today.

    As a thank you for pointing out the error they are sending me a complementary 2012 insert, which is nice of them.

    But the issue will be generating a 'Ring Size' post in the next few days on Philofaxy!

  2. They have removed the A5 Malden from the German site for now!

    Opps what have I started... will the Germans be complaining to the UK HQ? You have supplied goods that don't meet the description... we demand that they are corrected!!!!

  3. This saga continues, in fact the Malden A5 should have 30mm rings. Mine only has 25mm rings and they have agreed to replace it when the 30mm stock arrives.

    I'm patiently waiting my replacement...

    The Kendal also has 30 mm rings