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16. Februar 2012

London Fashion Week 2012

Rechtzeitig zur London Fashion Week (17.-22. Februar 2012) erscheinen nun die lange angekündigten Filofax-Sondermodelle von Temperley London.

Mehr Infos und ein Behind the Scenes-Video hat das britische Stylist Magazin: 
"Stationery (and getting organized) is officially cool again, thanks to Alice Temperley. 
The iconic London designer is hoping to revive our love of diaries by collaborating with Filofax, creating two limited edition designs - The Guinea, made with pony skin, and The Affair, made with Italian lace and peach leather. Not had an organizer since you developed a smartphone addiction? One look at Filofax's fashion makeover and you'll be tempted to put pen to paper again.
[...] the luxury diaries (priced from £375-399) could easily double as an (extremely practical) clutch bag. The designs perfectly capture Temperley's boho style, and even feature personal lists of Alice's favourite recipes, festivals and a handwritten message. And they give us a reason to get organized - what more could you want?"

Auch der britischen VOGUE ist das eine Meldung wert:
"Alice Temperley's new collaboration with Filofax came from her obsession for all things stationery. The British designer has created two luxurious limited edition diaries - The Guinea, created using high quality pony-skin and The Affair, made with Italian lace bonded onto soft peach leather. 
'I have hundreds of sketchbooks all around me, I still like to put pen to paper,' she told us. 'However, for me, a Filofax is so much more than a diary and definitely crosses that divide from stationery to accessory. The Filofax collection that I've developed allows me to have everything in one place where I can jot down ideas and store the constant inspirations I gather. The collaboration fuses our brands together. We have revived some very classic designs and added a twist of eccentricity and decadence.'
Priced at £375 and £399 respectively, the organisers fit into the high-end stationery market. The designer was keen to inject a little beauty into what is seen as an everyday object - to the extent that her lace style can even double up as a clutch bag. Even the diaries' interiors have been personalised, featuring lists of Temperley's favourite festivals, markets and recipes and a handwritten message. 
'Filofax organisers are very personal things,' she said. 'Most would presume that with the planning functions of smartphones and tablets, paper organisers might become redundant. For me, there's no replacing that wonderful feeling of writing, drawing, hoarding and collecting real paper things; of course I also couldn't function without my Blackberry so there is a holder for that in The Guinea. I think, and hope, a lot of people still have a love for pen and paper.'"
Am Samstag findet die Launch Party statt, Filofax UK wird live darüber twittern und auf Facebook posten.

Zu kaufen sind die Modelle dann ab 20. Februar 2012, und zwar ausschließlich beim Edelkaufhaus Selfridges, den beiden Filofax Stores in London und der Temperley London Boutique.

Für uns Normalsterbliche sind sie vermutlich zu teuer, aber: Wie gefallen Euch die beiden Modelle? Würdet Ihr sie kaufen, wenn sie in Deutschland bzw. online über Filofax UK erhältlich wären? Wieviel Geld würdet Ihr maximal dafür bezahlen?


  1. Also, ich würde gar nichts dafür bezahlen, denn mir gefällt das Design überhaupt nicht. Außerdem: Ponyleder? Geht meiner Meinung nach gar nicht!

  2. Mir gefallen sie auch nicht.

  3. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  4. Mir gefallen beide Modelle nicht so. Das eine Netzartige, da hätte ich angst irgendwo hängen zu bleiben. Und das andere ist nicht mein Geschmack.

    Ich warte lieber auf den Purple-Malden, der auch noch günstiger ist.

  5. Ja, so geht es mir auch, nach der großen Ankündigung habe ich mehr erwartet...
    Mir geht es auch wie Stefanie - Ponyleder? Shocking!!! :-O
    LG Renate

  6. Offenbar handelt es sich bei "ponyskin" nicht wirklich um Ponyleder, sondern um gefärbtes Kalbleder:
    "Ponyskin is a misnomer that comes from 1960’s fashion trends. In reality, pony skin as termed by designers usually means calfskin. Used as a flat, shiny fur for skirts, suit jackets and outerwear. It is not an inherently expensive pelt but prices depend on who’s selling it, its designer, colors (the natural black and white pattern is less expensive than any dyed colors) and the amount of material used." (Quelle: Vintage Fashion Guild)

    Schön finde ich sie trotzdem nicht.