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26. August 2012

Modern Woman

Habt Ihr diese McDonalds-Werbung schon gesehen? Vermutlich ja, Steve hatte sie ja gestern in den Web Finds gelistet. 

Was immer man über McDonalds - oder Fast Food im Allgemeinen - denken mag, ist es nicht faszinierend, dass die Frau kein Smartphone, sondern einen Filofax (offenbar ein Holbornin der Hand hält?

Wisst Ihr, woran ich dabei sofort denken musste? An Modern Woman von Billy Joel (1986):
"You see her sitting with her coffee and her paper
With her high top sneakers of italian design
With a long cool stare she aggravates the tension
Makes up her face while she makes up her mind

Now you're in trouble
maybe she's an intellectual
What if she figures out you're not very smart
Or maybe she's the quiet type who's into heavy metal
you got to get it settled
Cause she's breaking your heart


She looks sleek and she seems so professional
She's got a lot of confidence
it's easy to see
You want to make a move
But you feel so inferior
Cause under that exterior
Is someone who's free

She's got style and she's got her own money
So she's not another honey you can quickly disarm
She's got the eyes that make you realize
She won't be hypnotized by your usual charm

You've got your plan of attack
That won't attract the modern woman
When you're an old fashioned man
She understands the things you're doin'
She's a modern woman


You got to learn to relax
And face the facts of modern woman
And you're an old fashioned man
She understands the things you're doin'
She's a modern woman"

Mädels, ist es nicht schön zu sehen, dass wir - mit dem Filo in der Hand - die Männer immer noch um den Verstand bringen?

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