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12. März 2013

Filomaniac fragt... Steve

Jaaa, Ihr habt natürlich Recht: heute ist erst Dienstag. Dass der Fragebogen schon heute erscheint, hat aber einen Grund: ich habe diese Woche die Ehre und  das Vergnügen, Euch Steve vorzustellen, Mr. Philofaxy himself!

Und heute (12. März 2013) ist Steves Geburtstag! Und jetzt alle:

Happy Birthday, Steve!!!!

Dein Name (Vorname oder Nickname): // You name (first name or nickname)
Steve but sometimes known as Mr Philofaxy these days!

2. Erzähl' uns etwas über Dich! // Tell us something about yourself!
I was a radio engineer since leaving school at 16 until I retired aged 51 to live in France. I now spend most my time blogging about Filofax organisers over on Philofaxy. My specialist radio knowledge is in radio propagation studies and coverage predication and radio compatibility, quite a dull subject really!

3. Seit wann bist Du Filofax-Fan - und was hast Du vorher benutzt? // Since when have you been a Filofax fan - and what have you used before?
I got my first one in about 1986, although I did go electronic in the early 1990's only to return to Filofax in 2005 when the organisation I worked for then would not allow personal electronic devices in the office. So I returned to using a Filofax, I discovered Philofaxy in about 2007.

4. Wieviele und welche Filos (Modell, Größe, Farbe) hast Du? // How many and which Filofaxes do you own (model, size, colour)?
Dangerous question!! 18 I think?
1 off A4 Classic in black
3 off A5 Maldens 2 Grey 1 Ochre
1 off A5 Finsbury
1 off A5 Zip Holborn Brown
1 off Personal Cuban Zip
2 off Personal Maldens Ochre, Crimson
1 off Personal Compact Zip Malden Ochre
1 off Personal Compact Holborn Black
1 off Winchester Black... my original one from 1986
1 off Slimline Finsbury Black
1 off Pocket Malden Black
1 off Pocket Chameleon Black
1 off Pocket Finsbury Ink Blue
1 off Mini Malden Grey
1 off M2 Cross Blue

5. Wofür benutzt Du Deine(n) Filo(s)? // What do you use your Filo(s) for?
I always have my A5 Malden (Orche) open on my desk next to me, I carry a personal size with me,(currently the compact Malden), I use another A5 as my 'Filo Pal' folder, I use the Holborn A5 Zip when assisting my wife on property searches. The Pocket Finsbury is my car Filo, the Pocket Chameleon I use for taking notes and is normally in my pocket or on my bedside table. The rest get used for various Philofaxy projects and to be able to answer readers questions about different sizes etc. The A5 Finsbury acts as a storage binder for my diary and journal inserts.

6 . Enthält Dein Filofax Geheimnisse? // Does your Filofax contain any secrets?
Yes, I store my passwords in my A5 but in a coded format that would be quite difficult to crack because they are not written in full,

7. Würdest Du bei Verlust einen Finderlohn zahlen - und wenn ja, in welcher Höhe? // If you lost your Filofax, would you be willing pay a reward for getting it back - and if so, how much?
Never happened and I hate to think about losing one!

8. Falls Du mehrere Filos hast - welcher ist Dein Favorit? // If you have more than one Filo - which is your favourite?
The Ochre Maldens are my current favourites, they are so soft and any marks disappear with a damp finger tip. I also love the Holborn because of the internal pocket layout.

9. Welcher war Dein erster Filo? Und welchen hast Du zuletzt gekauft? // Which was the first / the last Filofax you bought?
The Winchester was my very first one. Still in very good condition for it's age too. And the most recent aquisition was the Compact Holborn, although I didn't actually buy that one, it was a gift. The M2 was the previous purchase, and the Holborn zip the one before that....

10. Welchen Filofax würdest Du kaufen, wenn Geld keine Rolle spielte? // If money was no object - which Filofax would you buy?
A Mulberry Agenda... current price new €350 I would go for a plain black or forest brown one. I love the A6 size format, easy to make your own inserts for and wider but shorter than Filofax Personal. Happy to receive one as a gift!!! One I wished I had bought when they were made was the Personal Eton.

11. Welches Modell kannst Du empfehlen? Welche(s) würdest Du nicht noch einmal kaufen? // Which model can you recommend - and which one(s) wouldn't you buy again?
The Malden takes some beating, but the Holborn is very nice too. Ones I wouldn't recommend... difficult any of the non-leather ones I guess, never owned them but I've certainly given quite a few away.... didn't include my give aways in Q4!! That would have added another 12 to the list!

12. Hast Du schon mal einen Deiner Filos wieder verkauft? // Did you ever sell any of your Filofaxes?
I recently sold a Filofax Finsbury Personal that I wasn't using, also a Mini Finchley. I got the pleasure of donating the money to Chimwemwe

13. Wenn Du selbst einen Filofax gestalten dürftest, wie würde er aussehen (Farbe, Größe, Material)? // If you could design a Filofax, what would it look like (colour, size, style)?
A Black A6 size.... a kin to the Mulberry... The leather would be fairly plain but tough, and either a brown or black stained finish so the natural surface of the leather is exposed.

14. Welche Einlagen vermisst Du im Filofax-Sortiment? // Which inserts should be added to the current range?
I print nearly all of my own these days so I don't have much requirement for additional ones in the range. I'm currently working with Filofax to enhance the range somewhat! News on that project in future if it gets the go ahead.

15. Link zu Deinem Blog/Flickrstream (optional) // Link to you blog/Flickr (optional) obviously... but I also blog at about various things.

16. Möchtest Du uns sonst noch etwas sagen? // Anything else you would like to say?
Thank you for letting me take part. I try to look over at Filomaniac every couple of days, I sort of helped out with the choice of name for Filomaniac ages ago!

Danke Dir, lieber Steve, fürs Antworten! 

Wenn Ihr auch teilnehmen möchtet, schickt mir einfach eine Email (Betreff: Fragebogen) an iris30606 at yahoo dot de. Ich maile Euch dann die Fragen und Ihr habt etwa zwei Wochen Zeit, mir Eure Antworten zu schicken.

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