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31. März 2013

Leserfrage: Metropol

Sandra hat mir diesen Hilferuf gemailt:
"I've heard so many good things about Metropol, but the colours, the pictures we see online are killing me...! I'm trying to decide if I purchase the Warm Orange or the Lavender, and apparently I like both, so I'm using the colour as the ultimate factor for choosing.
The problem is the pics online created so far more doubt than actualy helped me, you know? Like, the Lavender seems almost grey / blueish sometimes or increably light coloured; as the Warm Orange seems almost red or amber/orange...!
Can you help somehow?This will be my first filofax, and I'm asking experts like you :) for some help!"
Ich besitze zwar einen Metropol (in Raspberry), aber weder in Lavender noch in Warm Orange. Vielleicht könnt Ihr Sandra weiterhelfen?

Beide Farben sind übrigens bei Filofax Deutschland gerade um 30 Prozent reduziert.


  1. Hi, I have the Lavender Metropol and I absolutely love it for Spring. I have a video on it on youtube(30purplekisses) and Alondra has the hot orange one and she has a video or two on hers as well. Her channel is alondrajuarez10. I hope that helps. :)

    1. I was about to suggest your video's aswell! Yours looks like a nice deep purple.
      I have held the "warm orange" Metropol at Kaufhof the other day. It's a very bright, yelling orange!
      My daughter has the Raspberry, and that's very nice color too!

  2. Moin!

    Eine ähnliche Frage habe ich mir auch gestellt, als es an meinen ersten Filo ging. Ich habe ziemlich schnell festgestellt, dass mir lavender vom Farbton her etwas kalt erschien. Ich hatte mich ohnehin ziemlich schnell auf raspberry eingeschossen. Das orange ist auf jeden Fall relativ knallig im Vergleich zu den anderen Farben. Hoffe, das hilft ein bisschen...

  3. Jotje is so right about the "warm orange" : It is a terrible me!!Yelling...that is what I would like to do,by facing the colour...
    The lavender...I like the colour.It is kind of a soft lavender :o)