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26. Mai 2013

Neuheiten 2013 (14): Blossom

Ein weiteres Modell, das aus der 2013 Graduate Design Competiton hervorgegangen ist, ist der Blossom, erhältlich in Pocket (23 GBP) und Personal (26 GBP) bei Filofax UK:

Die Designerin, Becky Rainfordschreibt dazu:
"Last year when I was coming to the end of my BA Hons Graphic Design degree at The University of Chester, I wondered what direction I was going to take with my career once I had finished. Throughout the course my work heavily featured pattern design and fashion elements, and I liked to incorporate my personal interests as I felt that my passion for them showed in my work. This paid off as I now get to design clothing, graphic prints and packaging every day for my job.

I first heard about the Filofax Cover Story competition after graduating and it seemed like the perfect project to help me build up my portfolio. The design had to represent ‘an escape for women’, which left the brief quite open for me. I wanted my cover design to reflect the busy life of the female using the Filofax organiser so decided to go with a pattern that would represent her hectic lifestyle. I decided to include floral elements in my design, as I wanted it to fit in with the spring season.

I started off by sketching different styles of flowers and building up floral patterns by using different shapes and colour palettes. I then scanned in my initial drawings and played around with the composition of the design. I knew from the start I wanted it to be bold, busy and full of colour as I wanted it to represent the start of spring with all the plants starting to blossom. 

I never expected my design would be selected to be included in the spring collection but I am delighted with the end result."

Philofaxy hat hier darüber berichtet.

Der Blossom - aussen Kunstleder mit Blumenmuster, innen leicht angerautes Wildlederimitat (wie z. B. beim Domino) - wird klassisch mit Druckknopflasche geschlossen. Er hat eine elastische Stiftschlaufe, jedoch keine Innenfächer und kommt mit der neuen Standardfüllung, d. h.: W2P, pastellfarbenes Nummernregister, Notizpapier in Weiss und Pastell, To do- und Adressblätter, Lineal, Klarsichthülle.

Dieses Modell ist nur in UK erhältlich.

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