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1. Juli 2013

Neue Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge

Bestimmt erinnert Ihr Euch noch an die Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenges im Januar und im April

Heute startet die Juli-Challenge, wieder zusammengestellt von Carla (Friday I'm in Love):
"This time around, I tried my best to make each days prompt not so brand specific. I've received a lot of messages from readers during the previous challenges, all mentioning how fun it all looked had they only had a Filofax to participate with. Yes, there's "Filofax" in the title but, believe me when I say that I made this challenge with no intention to leave anyone in the planner world feeling left out. There are a lot of people out there who are still saving up for their dream Filo's and, in the meantime, are making do with something else. Then, there are those who are quite happy with whatever brand they've got. I am by no means a brand snob when it comes to planners. Therefore, I welcome everyone who has one to participate. The Day-Timers, the Franklin Coveys, the Day Runners, the Designer agendas, and, yes, even the Wal-Mart-o-Faxers...I'm talking to all of you. Ring-bound, wire-bound, journals, and notebooks. Whatever you use--come out and play!"
Ich werde natürlich wieder mitmachen. Hier ist schon mal das erste Foto:

#fflovephotoaday - Day 1: LOVE
Day 1: LOVE
Meine Fotos poste ich wie gehabt auf Twitter und Flickr - da ich im Juli verreise, werde ich vermutlich nicht täglich dazu kommen, die Fotos hochzuladen, aber ich tue mein Bestes!

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